NEW rules in 2017/18!

FIBA Rules will be used with the following modifications:

  1. Two 27 minutes halves; with a 3 minute half-time
  2. A player fouls out on the 6th
  3. All made free throws have a value of 2 points.
  • A Team foul penalty will take effect on the 7th team foul in each half; the penalty will be 1 free throw (i.e., not one and a bonus; not 2 free throws).
  • Player A5 is fouled on a try for basket

A5’s try for basket is successful = 2 points        —> awarded 1 free throw

A5’s try for basket is not successful = 0 points —> awarded 1 free throw

  • A5 makes a 3 point try for basket and is fouled:

A5’s try is successful = 3 points —> awarded 1 free throw

A5’s try is not successful = 0 points —> awarded 2 free throws

4. Each half will be straight running time; the clock will be stopped for free throws, time-outs and      the final 2 minutes of the game

Note: in the final 2 minutes of the game the clock will be stopped after any whistle and after any basket is scored

  1. The 30 second shot clock is in effect for the final two minutes of the game. For any foul called in the last two minutes of the game, the team being awarded the ball will receive a new 30 seconds on the shot clock.
  2. Two, 30 second time-outs are allowed per team; 1 per half. Unused time-outs do not carry over.  A time-out can be used any time during a half.   Only the team in control of the ball can ask for a time-out during a live ball.
  3. There are no overtime periods in regular season play. During playoffs only, if an overtime period is necessary, it will be 2 minutes in length with the same rules applied as the last 2 minutes of the second half.  One time-out is permitted per team, per each overtime period – time outs can not be carried over.
  4. Substitutions can be made after any whistle and by the team who has been scored upon. b., if the team that has been scored upon requests a substitution, the opposing team may be granted substitutions as well.
  5. Win = 2 points; Loss = 0 points;                 Tie/Draw = 1


Q: Why change the rules? A: to make our rules better align with FIBA, with less variances. This is easier for referees.

Q: Why only 1 foul shot? A: In order to make game faster, and finish on time.

Q: If you foul someone during a 3 point shot attempt, can they really get 5 points? A: Yes. If the shooter makes the 3 pointer, they also get one foul shot worth 2 points.