Welcome to Guelph Women’s Basketball.


The Guelph Women’s Basketball league runs between October and April. Most participants have played high school, some have played varsity. Each year the players are shuffled to create new teams. This is meant to foster a welcoming environment for new players and assist with the distribution of skill. As it turns out, it helps build camaraderie and friendships too, since the more you play, the more people you’ll meet!

This league was founded in 1992 using the name “Hips ‘n’ Hustle”. In 2014, the league name changed to Guelph Women’s Basketball.

Games are played on Wednesday nights from October to April.

Half a Season: Because life happens (babies, injuries, etc.) , sometimes we need new players to join for part of the season. Please send an inquiry via the contact page, if you would like to play for part of the season.

Registration Deadline: Wednesday, September 19, 2018

First game in 2018/19: October 3, 2018



The Guelph Board of Approved Basketball Officials (GBABO) is searching for ‘new’ basketball officials. Experience is not required as a training program is in place.  Send an email via the contact page for more details.