Standings & Referees

As of  March 21, 2024
Team # # of Wins # of Loss Win %
1st 4 18 0 100%
2nd 5 13 5 72%
3rd 7 11 7 61%
4th 2 7 11 39%
5th 6 7 11 39%
6th 3 4 14 22%
7th 1 3 15 17%



The Guelph Board of Basketball Referees (GBABO) are recruiting new officials. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a referee, then please read the message below.



The game of basketball at all levels continues to boom across Ontario as well as all of Canada.  As a result, the need for referees is also expanding rapidly in Guelph and Wellington County.

The Guelph Board of Approved Basketball Officials (GBABO), which covers all of Wellington and Dufferin counties, is searching for ‘new’ basketball officials.

Experience is not required as a training program is in place.  This On-court Training Program is tutored by experienced officials in conjunction with regularly scheduled meetings for all referees.  Practical training is the focus.

Learning opportunities, equipment, rule books, expectations and other important areas are all fully covered in the sessions.

The GBABO annually covers over 2,000 games, many of them in North & Central Wellington and in Dufferin as well as in Guelph, so there is lots of opportunity to be involved.  Several referees have retired from the GBABO due to age or employment transfers.  We cover games from university through high school/rep to house league and everything in between.

Players, coaches, fans, former referees, interested spectators, university/college students, etc. are all welcome. The only requirement is candidates must be at least 14 years of age and be enthusiastic about learning the referee side of the game of basketball.

There are many good, solid reasons to give this a whirl:  develop lifelong friendships, enjoyable social aspects, earn money, stay close to the game you love, opportunities for advancement, remaining active, learn to manage people, satisfying challenges, a sense of accomplishment and participating in your community.

Normally the first meeting of the season is very early in September but the ‘new normal’ dictates that this year this may occur later in the month.

If interested or for more information, please call Rusty Lovelock at (519) 821-3013.