Welcome to Guelph Women’s Basketball


Games are played on Wednesday nights from October to April.

The Guelph Women’s Basketball league is an adult recreational league with weekly games between October and April. Most participants have played high school or varsity level basketball. Usually the league has 64 players across eight teams and the average age is 33. Each year the players are shuffled to create new teams. This is intended to distribute skill, height and positions. As it turns out, it helps build camaraderie and friendships too. All players must be over age 21.

This league was formed in 1992.

Registration Deadline: Saturday, September 23, 2023

Half a Season: Because life happens (babies, injuries, etc.), sometimes we need new players to join for part of the season. Please send an inquiry via the contact page, if you would like to play for part of the season.

IMPORTANT : The Guelph Board of Basketball Referees (GBABO) are recruiting individuals interested in becoming a referee. A training program is in place. If you are interested and would like more information, please call Rusty Lovelock at (519) 821-3013.